The Creators Collective are a group of creative locals, that are all passionate about making the best of what our beautiful region has to offer and supporting our local makers and producers. We have members based all over Gippsland, all of which run their own small business also, so we understand the need to offer opportunities for small businesses


Officially established in August, 2017, The Creators Collective is a not-for-profit incorporated association, committed to helping our local communities. One of the ways we do this is by creating events that leave a lasting impact on the community. From those that come to the event, the small businesses that are a part of the event, and all of those involved in constructing the event. We are also dedicated to promoting local charities through these events. All of the members of the Creators Collective have been involved in organising community events of all sizes.

We are not limited to doing large scale events. We love offering new and exciting things to people all over Gippsland and would like to try and help out our local small businesses and communities in others ways too! If you have an idea that you think we can get involved with, please Contact Us today.

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