** As many of these displays are run by volunteers of emergency services, there is a chance they may not be available on the day due to emergencies or other situations beyond our control. **

SES Truck,

Display & Demonstration

Come and see one of the local SES Rescue Vehicles and their display. Learn what they do, and have a chance to talk with the volunteers that selflessly help our community in so many ways. They will also be putting on amazing demonstrations of rescues, using real equipment (and a donated car!)

capt koala_edited.jpg

CFA Truck & Bushfire Information Trailer

Hallora & District Fire Brigade will be bringing one of their fire trucks along for the kids to see and climb on! Come and check out the truck, chat to the fire fighters and hang out with the volunteers. And they're buddy Captain Koala might be able to make it!

You can also get all the Bushfire Safety information you need from the Bushfire Information Trailer.


Victoria Police Highway patrol

Let the kids sit down in a Victoria Police Highway Patrol Car, and chat with a Police officer. There's no better way to teach them about Police and safety than in person.